I practically grew up within the walls of Nordstrom and other retail stores, watching my mother shop.  The way she could find the best things, and how quickly she could put an outfit together was truly amazing to watch.  As I grew older and went out shopping on my own, I found that I loved the challenge of finding not only amazing pieces, but at low prices! Since then, finding the best deal possible has become a passion for me, and something I love to do.

Just a few years ago, I remember wondering, what would I do if I didn’t live close to my favorite deal-finding stores. Who would shop for me!?  I knew there must be so many people missing out on amazing deals because they can’t physically be there! 

I started simply sharing the deals that I found, and soon after began offering those items as I found them to my customers on a first-DM, first-get-it basis. This is when Like A Bandit was born!

I have learned a lot along the way. But one thing has been constant—people LOVE getting an amazing deal! 

I have put my heart into making Like A Bandit the best experience for both the customer and myself as a Bandit shopper. I hope you love it, and I look forward to Bandit Shopping with you soon!